Bosch Super


Outstanding Performance from a Bestseller
Whether stuck in traffic in the city or on the highway on a long road trip: Bosch Super lives up to its name thanks to its outstanding performance. This is why Bosch's spark plug with the copper core quickly became Europe's top-selling spark plug.

The Following Characteristics Speak for Themselves:

  • Quickly reaches the operating temperature
  • High reliable cold starts
  • Protects the engine and catalytic converter
  • Pre-gapped electrodes

But Super also Means:
There's a spark plug available for almost every vehicle. And it guarantees a long operating life – thanks to carefully processed high-quality materials:

  • The central electrode's copper core dissipates heat extremely well, protecting against high thermal loads.
  • The central electrode's nickel-chrome alloy protects the copper core from corrosion and ensures a high resistance to wear to counteract spark erosion.

Bosch Super Spark Plugs for Self-Installation
Anyone who wants to replace their spark plugs themselves can purchase them right off the shelf in blister packaging.

Bosch Super spark plugs in blister packaging are available for most vehicles

The compact line for garden and forest machines: Bosch Super special

Special spark plugs for motorcycles: Bosch Super special

Please note: to find out which type of spark plug is right for your vehicle, please have a look at our online catalogue.